Flower (Alternative Name) Description
Rose—Christmas Tranquillize my anxiety
Rose—Maiden Blush If you love me, you will find it out
Rose—White I am worthy of you
Rose Love
Rose—Daily They smile I aspire to
Rose—Multiflora Grace
Rose—White, withered Transient impressions
Rose—Austrain Though art all that is lovely
Rose—Damask Brilliant comoplexion
Rose—Mundi Variety
Rose—Yellow Decrease of love, Jealously
Rose—Bridal Happy love
Rose—Deep Red Bashful shame
Rose—Musk Capricious beauty
Rose—York and Lancaster War
Rose—Burgundy Unconscious beauty
Rose—Dog Plesure and pain
Rose—Cluster, Musk Charming
Rose—Full-blown, placed over two Buds Secrecy
Rose—Cabbage Ambassador of love
Rose—Guelder Age, Winter
Rose—Single Simplicity
Rose—white and red together Unity
Rose—Carolina Love is dangerous
Rose—Hundred-leaved Pride
Rose—Thornless Early attachment
Rose—Crown of Reward of virtue
Rose—China Beauty always new
Rose—Japan Beauty is your only attraction
Rose—Unique Call me not beautiful