Flower (Alternative Name) Description
Dogsbane Deceit, Falsehood
Dogwood Durability
DoubleWhite Truth
DoubleYellow Slighted love
Dragon Plant Snare
Dragonwort Horror
Dried Flax Utility
Ebony Tree Blackness
Eglantine (Sweetbrier) I wound to heal, Poetry
Elder Zealousness
Elm Dignity
Enchanter’s Nightshade Sorcery, Witchcraft
Endive Frugality
Eupatorium Delay
Evergreen Thorn Solace in adversity
Everlasting Pea Lasting pleasure
Everlsting Never-ceasing rememberance
Fennel Strength, Worthy all praise
Fern Fascination
Ficoides (Ice Plant) Your looks freeze me
Fig Argument
Fig Marigold Idleness
Fig Tree Prolific
Filbert Reconciliation
Fir Time
Fir Tree Elevation
Flax Domestic Industry, Fate, I feel your kindness
Flax-leaved Goldilocks Tardiness
Fleur-de-Lis Flame, I burn
Fleur-de-Luce Fire
Flower-of-an-Hour Delicate beauty
Flowering Fern Reverie
Flowering Reed Confidence in Heaven
Fly Orchis Error
Flytrap Deceit
Fool’s Parsley Silliness
Forget Me Not Forget me not, True love
Foxglove Insincerity
Foxtail Grass Sporting
French Willow Bravery, Humanity
Frog Ophrys Disgust
FuchsiaScarlet Taste
Fuller’s Teasel Misanthropy
Fumitory Spleen
Garden Chervil Sincerity
Garland of Roses Reward of virtue
GeraniumDark Melancholy
GeraniumIvy Bridal favour
GeraniumLemon Unexpected meeting
GeraniumNutmeg Expected meeting
GeraniumOak-leaved True friendship
GeraniumPencilled Ingenuity
GeraniumRose-scented Preference
GeraniumScarlet Comforting, Stupidity
GeraniumSilver-leaved Recall
GeraniumWild Steadfast piety
Gillyflower Bonds of affection
Glory Flower Glorious beauty
Goat’s Rue Reason
Golden Rod Precaution
Gooseberry Anticipation
Gourd Bulk, Extent
GrapeWild Charity
Grass Submission, Utility
Hand Flower Tree Warning
Harebell Grief, Submission
Hawkweed Quicksightedness
Hawthorn Hope
Hazel Reconciliation
Heath Solitude
Helenium Tears
Heliotrope Devotion, Faithfulness
Hellebore Calumny, Scandal
Hemlock You will be my death
Hemp Fate
Henbane Imperfection
Hepatica Confidence
Hibiscus Delicate beauty
Holly Foresight
Holly Herb Enchantment
Hollyhock Ambition, Fecundity
Honesty Fascination, Honesty
Honey Flower Love sweet and secret
Honeysuckle Generous and devoted affection
HoneysuckleFrench Rustic beauty
Honeysuckle Coral The colour of my fate
Hop Injustice
Hornbeam Ornament
Horse Chestnut Luxury
Hortensia You are cold
Houseleek Domestic industry, Vivacity
Houstonia Content
Hoya Sculpture
Humble Plant Despondency
Hundred-leaved Rose Dignity of mind
Hyacinth Game, Play, Sport
HyacinthWhite Unobtrusive loveliness
Hydrangea A boaster, Heartlessness
Hyssop Cleanliness
Iceland Moss Health