Flower (Alternative Name) Description
Abatina Fickleness
Abecedary Volubility
Acacia Friendship
AcaiaRose, White Elegance
Acalia Temperance
Acanthus Artifice, The fine arts
Achillea Millefolia War
Aconite (Wolfsbane) Misanthropy
AconiteCrowfoot Lustre
Adonis Flos (Flos Adonis) Painful recollections
Agnus Castus Coldness, Indifference
Agrimony Gratitude, Thankfulness
Allspice Compassion
AlmondCommon Indiscretion, Stupidity
AlmondFlowering Hope
AlmondLaurel Perfidy
Aloe Grief, Religious superstition
Althæa Frutex (Syrian Mallow) Persuasion
AlyssumSweet (Sweet Alyssum) Worth beyond beauty
AmaranthGlobe Immortality, Unjading love
AmaranthCockscomb Affectation, Foppery
Amaryllis Pride, Splendid beauty, Timidity
Ambrosia Love returned
American Elm Patriotism
American Linden Matrimony
Amethyst Admiration
Anemone (Zephyr Flower) Expectation, Sickness
AnemoneGarden Forsaken
Angelica Inspiration
Angrec Royalty
Apocynum (Dog’s Vane) Deceit
Apple Temptation
AppleBlossom Fame speaks him great and good, Preference
AppleThorn Deceitful charms
Arbot Vitæ Live for me, Unchanging friendship
AruiculaScarlet Avarice
Arum (Wake Robin) Ardour
Ashe Tree Grandeur
Ashe-leaved Trumpet Flower Separation
Aspen Tree Lamentation
Asphodel My regrets follow you to the grave
AsterChina Afterthought, Variety
Auricula Painting
Austurtium Splendour
Azalea Temperance
Bachelor’s Buttons Celibacy
Balm Sympathy
Balm of Gilead Cure, Relief
Balm, Gentle Pleasantry
BalsamRed Impatient resolves, Touch me not
Barberry Sourness of temper
Barberry Tree Sharpness
BasalmYellow Impatience
Basil Hatred
Bay Leaf I change but in death
Bay Tree Glory
Bay Wreath Reward of merit
Bearded Crepis Protection
Bee Ophrys Error
Bee Orchis Industry
Beech Tree Prosperity
Bell FlowerPyramidal Constancy
Bell Flowersmall White Gratitude
Belladonna Silence
Belvedere I declare against you
Berch Meekness
Betony Surprise
Bilberry Treachery
BindweedGreat Insinuation
BindweedSmall Humility
Birdsfoot Trefoil Revenge
Bittersweet (Bittersweet Nightshade) Truth
Blackthorn Difficulty
Bladder Nut Tree Amusement, Frivolity
Bluebell Constancy
Bluebottle (Centaury) Delicacy
Borage Bluntness
Borus Henricus Goodness
Box Tree Stoicism
Bramble Envy, Lowliness, Remorse
Broom Humility, Neatness
Buckbean calm repose
Bud of White Rose Heart ignorant of love
Bugloss Falsehood
Bulrush Docility, Indiscretion
Burdock Importunity, Touch me not
Buttercup (Kingcup) Childishness, Ingratitude
Butterfly Orchis Gaiety
Butterfly Weed Let me go
Cabbage Profit
Cacalia Adulation
Cactus Warmth
Calla Æthiopica Magnificent Beauty
Camellia JaponicaRed Unpretending excellence
Camellia JaponicaWhite Perfected loveliness
Camomile Energy in adversity
Canary Grass Perseverance
Candytuft Indifference
CandytuftEverflowering Indifference
Canterbury Bell Acknowledgement